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What's Bottley Gamified?

As we set out on a mission to provide hydrated and healthier lives for many people, there's one thing we've discovered. We may produce smart fitness or/and health IoT devices but that's just half of the solution. What we've realized is that we need a platform that induces users to utilize those fitness/health IoT devices to achieve the end goal of healthier lives. Bottley Gamified is our attempt of providing the platform. 

Fitness & Health IoT devices

On the Bottley platform, it turns any of your fitness & health IoT products, or any smart home gym equpiments into game controllers. 

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Healthy actions

Every action you make rather that's staying properly hydrated by drinking water or going out for a walk or any effort that's being done in the name of health will count towards building a Bot, a virtual creature. 

Minting Bot NFTs

The more effort you allocate towards staying healthy the more your Bot NFT evolves with rarity traits before you can mint it in every 15 days. All the Bot NFTs will be in HD.

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Start earning monthly

You earn x amount of Swole (Bottley Token) every month based on the rarity of your Bot NFT & every time you exercise with your buddy Bot. You get to mint two Bot NFTs each month. 

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Personalized Goal

Bottley's intelligence calculates adequate health goals for you based on various components including your weight, height, gender, and age. 

day 1

day 15

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Bot NFT minting process

Botts are what represent the user’s fitness/health status. The user is provided with a template Bott (egg or an initial stage of a Bott) every 15 days which is 1 out of no more than 25,000. This is to keep the rarity of the Bott from the start, and based on how the user performs for those 15 days, the user may end up with the Bott that has the highest rarity level among those 25,000 batches of Botts. On the other hand, if the user did not meet the daily fitness/health goals for consecutive days or has been neglected altogether, the Bott will get terminated granting more rarity to the remaining cohort of Bott owners. From day 1, the user’s Botts will evolve based on their performance feed by their connected fitness/health IoT devices relevant to the adequate daily goal.

Fun. Unique. Rare.

Your Bot NFT will always be 1/15,000 and after every 15,000th Bot NFTs the periodic theme changes. These themes are applied to the outer attire of the Bot NFT. They are designed around a certain subject matter, whether that may be fruit, plant, dessert, etc. With these various themes, the Bottley platform engages users to stay motivated by wanting to not miss out on this periodic theme Bot NFTs while providing unique ownership to all the users owning and collecting Bottley’s Bot NFTs.

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Whereas the periodic theme applies to the attire of the Bot NFTs, the seasonal theme applies to the actual Bot NFTs. As you can see, the Bot NFTs for a seasonal theme can be much fun as they bring an ample amount of creativity to the platform. They can be human, another creature, invisible, and much much more but no overlapping seasonal theme. Seasonal theme cycles every 3 - 4 months. This seasonal theme cycle provides scarcity for early Bot NFT generations which offers the early user advantage for minting early Bot NFTs that will most likely appreciate in value over time.

Early user advantage


Giving back

Bottley comes from the root of giving back. Every seasonal theme will be tied to the handpicked non-profit organization. Hence, ownership of ceratin limited Bot NFT means donating a portion of monthly earning tokens to the selected non-profit under the name of the owner.  

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Passive income

After months of playing Bottley Gamified, we anticipate the users to see three main benefits:

  1. healthier body and mind

  2. healthy life style

  3. passive earnings of Swole

Showcase of Bottley NFT Bots on market

Bottley Bots can be listed on the NFT market when you choose to sell them. Or you can simply brag them by showcasing without enabling the sell button.