Okay, you've purchased our bottle. Now what?

You are still welcome on board without the bottle as long as you have ANY fitness smart devices. Here is how.


But first, Bottley is all about keeping you healthy

Fit Girl

And protecting your health data is our way of staying healthy

Step 1, your profile setup

After downloading the Bottley app from the store that's compatible with your device, the one-time boarding process allows Bottley to work out its magic and create a unique profile solely for you.

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Bottley calculates your daily goal based on your profile

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Bottley's algorithm can define your daily adequate fitness/health goal rather that's your hydration, calories burned, steps, losing weight, or/and what have you based on your information and the type of fitness smart device(s) it is connected to. 

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And you get your own avatar to keep you motivated to reach the goal

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*Not actual Bottley avatar, these are sample avatars by Sergio Gomes. Bottley offers 4k high-resolution avatars.

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We do so by gamifying the process. Here is how Bottley keeps you motivated. Each day you'll get personalized fitness/health goals.

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As you achieve those goals, your avatar evolves based on the result of the input received by those smart devices the Bottley app is connected to.

Patent pending

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If you DON'T meet those goals for a consecutive number of days, your avatar will pass away. It lives off of your fitness/health performance.

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After every 15 days, your avatar resets and you get to bank your avatar. It will be stored at your library in a form of an NFT collection. Your avatar will always be 1 out of 1000>.

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What is NFT?

NFT Details Background.png
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Your NFT collection

Est total value: CRBS 3,971.67 ($226.17)

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Yr. 2021

Bottley's ultimate goal is to deploy % revenue share model based on the number of NFT's you own. That way, our users earn passive income for being healthy! 

The amount of NFTs owned and their rarity will translate to a higher percentage of revenue share. 

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What this NFT means for your fitness... 

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