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Bottley comes from a humble beginning. It was founded in 2015 as Bazaarian with a goal in mind: to change the world for the better with the power of business, with the power of capitalism. The word Bazaarian comes from the word bazaar; a fundraising sale of goods, typically for charity. Bazaarian donated 5% of all of its insulated water bottle sales to water.org. Yet, that wasn't enough. Inspired by the One-for-One model from Tom's shoes, Bazaarian has invented a bottle that donates according to how much you drink. It's a charitable smart bottle!

The way Bottley donates is pretty simple. For every 10 gallons of water user drinks, we donate $0.02 to Charity: Water. This means if we have approximately 228,000 users drinking an adequate amount of water using Bottley smart bottle, we are annually donating $100,000 to Charity: Water! 

At Bottley we envision

To be the center of the hydration industry by providing excellent services and products


and hold a mission

To provide hydrated lives for many people.


while cultivating a company that's

Building a people matter community

Wine Bottle?!



Bazaarian was founded to bring positive changes to the world. One of which was to save the environment by recycling wine bottles. However, wine bottles were too heavy and non-insulative for hot beverages. We quickly realized the idea was not valid to bring it to the market as a product.

Officially the very first selling product by Bazaarian. The name Bazaarian comes from a word bazaar; a fundraising sale of goods, typically for a charity.




Water Bottle

32oz BZRN C 4.png
32oz BZRN C 3.png
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32oz BZRN C 1.png
Deepest Water Bottle.png

A bottle that is deeper than you'd expect

10% of proceeds from every 32oz Bazaarian double-walled insulated bottles sold support Water.org to provide clean water for those in need. 

I really like this double wall water bottle

I really like this double wall water bottle. It donates 10% of its sales to water.org. And best of all, it provides safe and clean water to places in need of it.




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Thinking about an efficient way to giveback inexpensively became the new approach to chew on. Then it hit me, donate according to how much the user drinks out of the water bottle! Hence, Hydrade (now called Bottley) is born, a double-walled insulated smart water-bottle that tracks your custom hydration and donates according to the amount of your water intake.
Eli Moon - Founder and CEO of Bottley

Phase I

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  • A proof of concept bottle that detects water when you drink out of it was built off of a 32oz Bazaarian bottle and a circuit from a smoke detector.

  • The CAD design of an ideal smart water-bottle was completed and 3D printed.

Phase II

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  • A mock-up was built according to the 3D CAD design.

  • Partnered up with a local technical facility (TASC) to expand on the research and development process.

  • Composed a team splitting various work scope.

  • Merged Bazaarian team with TASC team as Greg (from TASC) leading the R&D

  • Researched and developed various (kinetic, solar, frequency wave energy harvesting) energy sources to remove the need for plug-in charge or conductive charging.

  • Made it a solar power based product. 

  • Completed user interviews for the development of the mobile app. 

  • Started developing mobile app's UI and UX considering various options.

Phase III

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  • Launched a successful Kickstarter campaign validating the market for the product. 

  • Rectified water level measuring method. 

  • Started beta development. 

  • Tested various insulation sources. 

  • Calculated energy efficiency validating solar power as an energy source.

  • Established additional partnerships with various domestic and international manufacturers.

  • Bottle successfully collecting data and transferring them to a mobile phone displaying them in the app. 

  • Ordered samples for the beta units to verify manufacturing pipeline.

I really love the idea behind your product and seriously can't wait

Stephen S



Eli Moon

Eli is the founder and CEO at Bottley. Eli values people and envisions building people matter business. Eli is a visionary and strongly holds the business as his calling. Eli believes that the monetary system in business is just a tool for it to get to a final destination. Eli is very positive and creative and loves spending time outdoors. Eli’s favorite food is anything related to noodles.

Linh's photo png.png
Linh Nguyen

Linh is The Wizard at Bottley. Linh works out his magic and “whala” things happen and work gets done. Linh mainly uses his magic on developing software. Linh is an expert when it comes to the startup world. He has a long history working in various startups and has a full understanding of ins and outs of startup culture. Linh plays a significant role in providing insights among team members. Linh likes fruits and Italian food and enjoys his free time gardening, hiking, and spending time with his daughter.

Spencer Berglund

Spencer is our Byte Wrangler and Embedded Engineering Lead. However, we call him SpaceX, and there is a couple of reasons for that. He has interned at SpaceX, but foremost he often enters this zone we call the “space of exploration”. The exploration includes various fields of science and engineering. This ingenious peculiarity of Spencer makes him unstoppable on finding solutions to any problems in his way. Spencer also enjoys doing engineering projects in his free time. Spencer likes all food in general, but his least favorite food is powdered scrambled eggs.

Megan Wroe's Mug.png
Brian Hilgendorf
Megan Wroe

Brian has a deep passion for being part of a team that builds and delivers to the world ideas and products that make a difference. Every idea is worthy of exploration and every idea is an opportunity to contribute. The lens of capitalism is what I look through, yet the goal of contribution is what drives me.

Meet Dr. Megan Wroe, MS, RD, CLEC,. Megan has worked with a wide variety of age groups, diagnoses, and dietary needs and firmly believes that there is not just one correct way of eating. Her food-focused approach to weight loss allows you to modify meals to fit your needs and taste preferences so that you feel in control of your food and can actually have some fun in the kitchen!