A book that will change your perception about many health conditions

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Today, we'd like to introduce you to a book by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. He is a doctor practiced in Iran. He makes allegations that drinking water is not only fundamental to wellbeing, but the source of medicinal power. He relates in the book how he previously found the healing capacities of water when he was a political prisoner over 20 years ago. While detained, he effectively treated the stress-induced peptic ulcers of his fellow inmates with plain water. Batmanghelidj says that the vast majority depend on dry mouth to note thirst and that as a result leads to dehydration. He hypothesizes that symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, or depression indicate dehydration, which may result in serious conditions such as;

  • asthma

  • hypertension

  • brain damage

  • cancer

  • constipation

  • allergies

  • obesity

To make up for liquid lost through urination, breathing, and sweat, Batmanghelidj proposes drinking at least two quarts of plain water daily (excluding alcohol, caffeinated refreshments like coffee or juices). To keep up with great wellbeing, he also educates ingesting a large portion of a teaspoon concerning salt to enhance water intake. Moreover, a diet consisting comprising 80% vegetables and fruits and 20% protein ought to be tracked with an activity program. To back up his speculations, the author presents an abundance amount of clinical information and many testimonials from those who recovered from various diseases and conditions by following his water treatment. Batmanghelidj states, in any case, that those who have explicit health conditions recommend not to quit taking their drugs suddenly, nor should they solely rely on a water treatment until they have talked with their doctor. This paradigm-shifting program will have the best interest especially for those that are devoted to natural healing.

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