Bad Drinks & Good Drinks for Diabetic People

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

People with diabetes should make sure they follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to maintain their blood sugar levels.

When people with diabetes have low blood sugar levels, their bodies cannot use insulin to produce enough energy to keep the cells from storing it. This can lead to serious complications.

Drinking sugar-containing drinks can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels. These spikes can be very dangerous for individuals with diabetes.

This article talks about the various kinds of drinks that are good for people with diabetes and those who avoid them. It also offers recipes for making these at home.

Worst drinks for people with diabetes

Fruit cocktails

Fruit punch is often a sugar-sweetened beverage that tastes like fruit juice, but it often contains high levels of sugar and little or no fruit juice. This makes it hard to tell if it's real or not.

These drinks have a high concentration of sugar and are far less nutritious than 100 percent pure fruit juices. They should be avoided in moderation.

Soda and energy drinks

Sugar-sweetened beverages are known to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Being overweight increases the likelihood of developing these conditions.

This type of drink can be very dangerous for people with diabetes as it can provide a large amount of sugar and require little digestion. Also, it doesn't contain any fiber or nutrients.

Diets that contain fruits and vegetables can help lower blood sugar levels. Also, avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages can help lower these levels.

Alcoholic Beverages

Diabetic people need to keep track of how much they drink when consuming alcohol.

Reasons are as follow;

  • Most alcoholic drinks don't contain sugar, but some of them do. This could lead to a spike in blood sugar levels and increase the risk of weight gain.

  • The effects of alcohol on the liver can affect how much glucose the body produces. For people with diabetes, this can lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels.

  • Drinking alcohol can cause various problems for people with diabetes and liver disease. It's also bad for other people.

  • Alcohol can also cause a drop in blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes. However, many people with this condition can still enjoy a small amount of alcohol.

The American Diabetes Association suggest the following as proper limits:

  • one drink a day for women

  • two drinks a day for men

One drink is equivalent to:

  • 1.5 ounces of spirits (80 proof)

  • 5 ounces of wine

  • 12 ounces of beer

Tips when drinking alcohol include:

  • consuming alcoholic drinks with food, to reduce the risk of low blood sugar

  • not exceeding the limit the doctor recommends

  • accounting for carbohydrates in a daily record

  • consuming only the amounts health advisers recommend

  • checking with a doctor how alcohol may interact with medications

  • using mixers, such as sparkling water, instead of regular soda or diet drinks

  • wear a medical ID, as hypoglycemia can look similar to being drunk

  • check the calories and alcohol content of beers, as these can vary

  • do not drive after consuming any alcohol until the alcohol has left the system

Alcohol should never be consumed as a carbohydrate replacement. Instead, one should limit their consumption to a certain amount.

The best drinks for people with diabetes

Following drinks are good source of hydration and highly recommended for diabetic people.


Drinking water is the best beverage for optimal health. It provides the body with the nutrients it needs and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Experiencing a craving for sweets or soft drinks can also lead to dehydration. It is important to avoid these types of products by drinking water first.

Herbal tea

Water-based herbal infusions are another way to add flavor and health benefits to any drink. One example is the Licorice root, which has a sweet and mild flavor.

A study conducted in 2007 revealed that after ingesting licorice extract, glucose levels in rats with diabetes decreased. This suggests that this substance could help lower blood sugar levels.

Flavored water

Some people avoid juice or sugar-sweetened beverages due to their taste. Instead, they can find ways to improve it.

People can add a splash of juice from citrus fruits to their water. They can also mix it with whole berries or add a splash of water.

A study has found that adding aloe vera pulp to drinking water can help people with diabetes. It can also be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to bottled water.


Milk can provide a variety of nutrients and calories, and it can also be used to promote weight loss. However, it is important to remember that these dairy products contain carbohydrate and should be avoided as part of a person’s meal planning.

Although most dairy products have little carbohydrates, a person with diabetes should check the nutrition facts of the milk they consume to ensure that they are getting enough nutrients.


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