Healthy Cholesterol with Hydration

Most of us tend to think about diet, exercise or even medications when alleviating or preventing hight cholesterol. But, if you have high levels of this fat in your body, talking to your doctor about what might be the best routine to keep is important.

Dehydration can make the blood more acidic, which can increase the risk of developing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. But, keeping the body hydrated can help clear the LDL from the body.

Cholesterol is not soluble in water. However, being hydrated helps the body to bring about the recovery of good cholesterol (HDL), which can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Dehydration can also cause your body to create more LDL, which is an attempt to keep the cell membranes moist. Drinking water throughout the day can help maintain a healthy lifestyle as water helps keep the cells moist.

Water also helps nourish the digestive system and reduce the risk of high cholesterol. Drinking water helps break down fat and helps the body dispose of waste. Your liver produces low-density lipoprotein to aid digestion. After you have eaten, the liver should return to its normal state.

Dehydration doesn't cause high cholesterol, but it can help. Water is the best thing to drink as it's high in sugar and can make you dehydrated. The water quality is also important. High levels of chlorine, which can found in most tap water, can raise cholesterol levels. Drinking water with a filter can help remove chlorine, which is a threat to raise blood pressure and cause heart disease.

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