Here is Why Hydration is Important for Kidney Health

People in hot or dry environments are more prone to dehydration as the surroundings increase our body's fluid loss. This can happen even in cases where they have an adequate water supply. It can also be triggered by sweating and vomiting.

The color of our urine can tell us whether we’re taking enough fluids. It can also be used to diagnose dehydration.

Dehydration, especially chronic dehydration can lead to the formation of crystals, which can affect the function of the kidney. This can also cause kidney stones. This is to show how important proper hydration is for kidney function. Drinking plenty of fluids helps the kidneys clear urea, sodium, and waste products from the body which could lower the risk of chronic kidney disease.

Adequate amount of hydration differs for everybody based on their physical criteria, environment, activity level, health condition and etc. Therefore, it is very important for one to find out the proper hydration level based on these contributing factors. People with kidney disease should monitor their fluid intake carefully, especially those on dialysis treatment or any treatment similar due to kidney failure.

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