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The following video is Megan's official endorsement of the Bottley bottle.

What role does hydration play in our human body?

Water is involved in every single system, every single cell processed in our body. We are actually made of 60% water. Water does everything from lubricate our skin and keep us hydrated to lubricate our joints and our tissues, and our organs. It also keeps our core temperature the way that it should be. But I think most importantly water helps our blood flow. So that's what gets our nutrients from A to B. When we eat a nutrient the water helps our blood move it to our brain and to our heart and to all of our organs and tissues.

What are some effects when our body lacks hydration?

When we don't have water that's where we can start to see some of these things fail and break down some of these systems. So there is a reason we can go 2 to 3 weeks without food but we can only go 2 to 3 days without water. That's when all of our organs start to break down. And most people think of dehydration as this endpoint when we are no longer surviving because we haven't had water for days. But no one really thinks about this day-to-day partial dehydration where we are drinking enough to survive but not enough to optimally thrive. That's where we are getting symptoms like dry flicky skin or feeling maybe excessively cold or possibly having tight joints that hurt a little bit. People with chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis sometimes have symptom relief simply by drinking more water.

But again, with that blood flow if your blood can't move to the brain as much as it should and bring nutrients up to the brain as much as it should, then because of lack of water you are going to experience symptoms like fatigue, excessively being tired or what my clients describe as a foggy brain where you are just not able to really pay attention the way you feel like you should or you are having some forgetfulness just quite alert. Same thing with the heart. If the blood can't get to the heart because of lack of water, then you are going to have low blood pressure and symptoms of heart disease.

A lot of people who don't drink enough water have a poor immune system so they're more likely to get sick. You are also going to have symptoms like excessive weight because you are not only eating more because your body is not getting signals of satiation from the water. But also we eliminate toxins and excessive cholesterol, fats, and sugars from the body and if we don't have the water to flush it out. You will be absorbent and stored as a fat cell. So these are all symptoms of not drinking enough during the day. The clients that I work with laugh because we have repeated mantra that is drink water like it is your job. It is your job to drink water. It's not a matter of wanting to drink water, it's a matter of needing to.

So, it's really nice to have tools in your life such as the Bottley (formerly called Hydrade) water bottle that reminds you of this. It's That visual queue that's sitting there every single day reminding you of what your job is. It is your responsibility to drink water and to help your body thrive!.

by Megan S. Wroe MS, RD, CNE, CLEC

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Megan Wroe is a Mother, Dietitian, and a Wellness Manager at the St. Jude Wellness Center. Some may say that she has a very full plate, but despite her busy schedule, she has found time to pursue her passion for helping others enhance their overall health through food. One of Megan’s favorite aspects of being a Dietitian is teaching people how to make healthy food taste good. When she sees her clients get excited about adding healthy alternatives into their daily cooking, she knows they are on track to pursuing a healthier lifestyle.


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