Sacred Sunday Template

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

by: Megan Wroe; Health Advisor at Bottley

While designing this REACH program the coaches realized that our most successful weeks have always had one underlying factor: Sunday prep. Taking the time to create scaffolding for the upcoming week is something we take very seriously (it’s even more important when working towards a specific goal.) When we haven't done this, we tend to feel more unorganized, less confident, short on time, and unprepared for the inevitable unexpected; which is the exact opposite of how we like to feel. Investing consistent time at the end of the weekend is worth the effort as it allows space to honor all that last week has brought us and prepare for what lies ahead. This is your Sacred Sunday template. We will send you our own ideas weekly, but feel free to add and take away so that it fits your lifestyle. There is no one perfect way to do this- the key is to START and then evolve in a way that feels organic to you.

You can download the rest of the template below.

Download template >

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