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Swole (SWL) is Bottley’s native cryptocurrency on the Flow blockchain

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Introducing SWL

The "fitness-to-earn" token from Bottley

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Earning SWL

Your SWL can only be earned as a member of Bottley.


Download Bottley app on your phone. The app will be available both in iOS and Android.

On Boarding

Set up your profile and personalized health goals, connect your 3rd party IoT fitness device if you have them via one time onboarding process.


Now, you just go about your day and Bottley will incentivize your health effort automatically.

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*Bottley will run a limited number of free memberships.

Bottle Bot NFT Sample 32 Blanked Banner_edited.jpg

Limited NFT Drop

coming in the summer of 2022

Limited Drop NFTs

Below images are the covered samples of limited NFTs that are going to be launched this summer.

Bottle Bott NFT 28 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 17 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 40 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 15 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 31 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 29 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 1 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 39 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 4 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 9 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 35 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 3 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 20 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 19 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 27 (hidden).png
Bottle Bott NFT 18 (hidden).png

NFT Exchanges

NFT Bottle Bot NFT for Sale Mock Up 2.png
  • Sell any of your SWL earning virtual pet (Bot) NFT(s)

  • Purchase any of the NFT(s) listed on the Bottley market

  • Trade NFT(s) and receive or pay any value difference via SWL

In-App Purchases


With SWL, a user may pay for the monthly subscription for the ad-free, membership fee (if you’ve joined after the early promotion)


You can purchase additional traits for your virtual pets not only to give them the extra exotic look by adding unique features but also to boost their Rarity, XP, HP, and CP levels.

Below are actual items which a user can purchase to boost up the level. These items are only limited to the current cohort of Bot.


Glasses 2.JPG

Bronze Glasses

Price: 18.24 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 57

XP Level: + 3

HP Level: + 4

CP Level: + 10


Glasses 5 Glow.png

Cyan Neon Glasses

Price: 79.86 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 164

XP Level: + 10

HP Level: + 9

CP Level: + 10


Silver Shoe 3.JPG

Silver Wing Shoes

Price: 145.39 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 234

XP Level: + 12

HP Level: + 12

CP Level: + 15


Glasses 1.JPG

Titanium Glasses

Price: 26.72 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 73

XP Level: + 4

HP Level: + 4

CP Level: + 11


Beam Glasses 1.JPG

White Bean Glasses

Price: 103.67 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 184

XP Level: + 11

HP Level: + 9

CP Level: + 11


Glasses 3.JPG

Diamond Glasses

Price: 29.92 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 89

XP Level: + 5

HP Level: + 5

CP Level: + 8


Beam Glasses 4.JPG

Cyan Beam Glasses

Price: 124.46 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 194

XP Level: + 11

HP Level: + 10

CP Level: + 11


Glasses 7 Glow.png

Pink Neon Glasses

Price: 65.47 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 145

XP Level: + 9

HP Level: + 9

CP Level: + 9


Beam Glasses 3 Glow.png

Lime Beam Glasses

Price: 143.35 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 164

XP Level: + 11

HP Level: + 11

CP Level: + 12


Gold Shoe 1.JPG

Gold Wing Shoes

Price: 137.18 SWL
Rarity Boost: + 234

XP Level: + 14

HP Level: + 14

CP Level: + 18


You can also purchase life pills or boost pills for your dying virtual pet to add it to your collection before the 15 evolving period ends, or for you to collect it with higher rarity during its current theme. 

Bottley Pill 4.JPG

XP Booster

Price: 5 SWL
Rarity Boost: x2

XP Level: x3

Bottley Pill 5.JPG

HP Booster

Price: 5 SWL
Rarity Boost: x2

HP Level: x3

Bottley Pill 6.JPG

CP Booster

Price: 5 SWL
Rarity Boost: x2

CP Level: x3

Bottley Pill 7.png

Revive Pill

Price: 10 SWL

When these pills are applied to your buddy Bot(s), the booster will kick in and multiply its features when you are exercising. 


A user also may buy extra slots for the buddy pet to increase the earnings when exercising.

dot-circle-shape-sticker-2481-19762-300x300 white.png

Buddy Bot 1


dot-circle-shape-sticker-2481-19762-300x300 white.png

Buddy Bot 2

1000 SWL

dot-circle-shape-sticker-2481-19762-300x300 white.png

Buddy Bot 3

1000 SWL

Bottle Bot NFT Sample 32 Blanked no back light.png

Buddy Bot(s) is what earns you SWL during exercising besides the base earnings. The SWL amount of exercise to earn is based on the XP level of your buddy Bot. The XP level will also increase as you exercise longer with your buddy Bot. 

SWL Supply

There will be a total of 3,000,000,000 SWL created, and issued. The SWL token will be distributed in the following areas:

Screenshot 2022-04-29 152433.png
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Stay up to date

Get involved


Learn more about Bottley's mission,  history, product, and tokenomics of SWL. 


One of the best ways to stay updated with Bottley is to join our Discord community.

NFT Creators

If you are a 3D character creator, I'd like to partner up with you. Send us an email to learn more about our partnerships.